Saturday, August 20, 2011

Mumbai's July 2011 blasts and Subramanian Swamy's hate-mongering

Subramanian Swamy wrote an incendiary piece in DNA, offering his remedies for terrorism. I was aghast, struck by his shameless opportunism and incitement, fanning the flames in an already surcharged environment. Like many, I too protested to the Editor for providing space to Swamy’s hate-mongering. In response, I was invited to write - this is about the spirit of Mumbai and the soul of India.

Swamy's Swamy's hate-mongering article is on (published on July 16, 3 days after the blasts)

My rejoinder-response was published the next day -

Some other links:

Here's a hindi version of my rejoinder-response to Subramanian Swamy's hate-mongering in the DNA, Mumbai. Thank you Sandeep Samwad for the prompt translation! - Babatdor Dkhar, a Lawyer and Founding Editor of Northeast Monologues on Swamy and his rants.

From the archives - Ram Jethmalani, himself no saint, on Subramanian Swamy - "diseased insect", "vicious viper", "gutter...his natural habitat".... lol - these 'bigwigs' and their writings! :)


Blogger Yash said...

Dear Mr. Sharma,

I really appreciate you voicing your opinion on this. I am actually shocked that DNA published this!

Keep up your good work and sorry about your back. Hope it gets well soon. We appreciate your commitment.

Take care

12:41 AM  

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